This service is focused on your pool’s chemical or salt balance level. We guarantee that your pool will be crystal clear, and safe for everyone to enjoy after we professionaly service it. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained to service the balance level of your pool weekly. Included in this package comes weekly service, salt/chlorine balance, clean skimmer basket, inspection upon all pool equipment.

check-mark-blue-25Weekly Service

check-mark-blue-25Balance your pool (basic chemicals)

check-mark-blue-25Empty skimmer basket

check-mark-blue-25Inspect all pool equipment



This package will ensure your pool is running at its best capacity. Pool will recieve our premier care that includes maintenance of pool equipment, and backwashes whenever required. Included in this package comes weekly service, salt/chlorine balance, brush pool walls and floor, clean skimmer basket and pump, routine inspection and maintenance on pool equipment, vacuum pool when necessary, backwashes when necessary.

check-mark-blue-25Weekly Service

check-mark-blue-25Balance your pool (basic chemicals)

check-mark-blue-25Empty pump and skimmer baskets

check-mark-blue-25Inspect all pool equipment

check-mark-blue-25Skim pool surface

check-mark-blue-25Brush walls, steps and benches

check-mark-blue-25Empty sweeper bag / leave canister (if installed)

check-mark-blue-25Vacuum pool as needed

check-mark-blue-25Backwash as needed

check-mark-blue-25Filter cleaning (twice a year, before winter and summer)

check-mark-blue-25Routine Maintenance of pool equipment such as lube o rings

Note: Start up cost may apply. Also prices for weekly services may vary due to pool size and condition.


Having trouble or unsure what’s wrong with your pool equipment? Our technicians will come to you and diagnose the problem and provide a free estimate on repairs. Our pricing will vary depending on the repairs and parts needed.

We also offer equipment upgrades which will significantly help pool owners cut maintenance costs and save energy costs.Upgrading to new and better equipment can make all the difference. Call us today and get a free assessment on how you can upgrade your equipment and save.


Nothing is worse than having a swamp for a pool. We offer a one day turn around, have your pool go from green to blue in one day! The process for a green pool cleaning will depend on the severity of the green pool algae problems. Once a determination has been made to make corrective actions, our technicians will drain your pool, perform a complete Chlorine wash, filter cleaning, and re-balance the water after filling.

Call for a quote today: Prices start at $400 with a one day turn around.


Need your pool and pool equipment thoroughly inspected? We partner with many Real Estate and property management companies to perform detailed and thorough inspections. Give us a call today, have professionals inspect your pool and pool equipment.